Target Tuesday: Baby Gear + Furniture

This week's Target Tuesday was inspired by my baby fever. I couldn't believe how adorable all the nursery furniture + baby gear was at Target?!

Resting the Body, the Mind and the Soul

What does it {truly} feel like to rest? I find I ask myself this question quite often. I don't know if I even really know what it means to rest. I constantly feel like I am trying to get ahead.. do one more thing before bed.. just get things done. It's exhausting. Life is exhausting. We were never made to go, go, go. We all need that time to rest. Reset our minds. Re-charge our bodies. Rejuvenate our souls. That's the way God intended it.

Stop Trying to be “That Mom”

So stop, mama... I beg you... please stop! Those life moments you see as you scroll are merely highlights -- the perfect highlights. The highlights she wants the world to see, not the ones she doesn't. Underneath it all, she's just like you and I: Scattered most days, unsure of how she'll make it through and a cup of coffee away from complete madness.

Being Present in the Present: The Best Gift you can Give Yourself as a Mother

Then, one day, when I am old and gray. I'll remember the giggles I created. I'll remember tickling bellies and toes. Reading stories snuggled up on the couch. Having a dance party in the living room. Staying up past bedtime to sneak in a few more cookies and some milk. These are the things we will remember and cherish. But, I won't remember what I was scrolling through on social media or the post I though I just had to read.

In Love With All The Fall Things

There's just something about this time of year that I absolutely love... And, it's not just the pumpkin spice lattes {pumpkin flavored e v e r y t h i n g really}. No, it's more about truly taking some time to slow down and breathe everything in. The feels.. The smells.. The love.. Life.

What Will It Be Like…

What will it be like? How will the world as we know it change? Will I see my family and friends? Will everything disappear? Seriously, so many questions come to mind when I think of the end and God's return. I feel like this has always been a topic that I struggle with. I guess it was always just so scary to me to think that the world as I know it was coming to an end.