Recently our family has started to become more aware of the products we consume and how much we consume of each, especially the disposable baby items we use daily. As a family of 5, with 2 still in diapers, the mounds of diapers and wipes we go through is excessive, but we’ve recently found an alternative that’s helping to cut down on our waste. Keep reading to find out our little secret…

Did you know on average one baby uses 96 packs of 80 count wipes in the first year of life? That’s 7,680 wipes, just for ONE baby in the first year — and that’s strictly just for diaper changes, not sticky fingers or wiping mouths on the go, and it doesn’t include any siblings that are still in diapers too! Mind blown!  And, don’t forget about those pesky diaper rashes wipes can cause after diaper changes or potty breaks. Ouch!

Wipes, even flushable ones, are also one of the leading causes of septic tank issues as well, causing backups, clogs and generally overwhelming tanks, forcing homeowners to pump their systems more frequently and/or seek out plumbing experts to remedy issues. These services cost hundreds of dollars! And, don’t forget some of the harmful chemicals in them as well, like fragrances, synthetic fibers, and formaldehyde. No thank you!

Can you imagine how much waste you could eliminate by making this one simple ditch and switch, not to mention the cost savings and overall waste you would be eliminating from the earth?

I’ve got a solution, and our family is loving it! Say, “Hello,” to our eco-friendly, cost-saving alternative Fresh Peaches. Fresh Peaches is a wipe alternative that can be used by simply adding the product to toilet tissue, wiping and flushing it down the toilet. It’s gentle on even the most sensitive bottoms, and it’s septic tank approved. They offer 2 convenient sizes, perfect for home and on-the-go.

Learn more about how their product works and how their mission all began on their website. Follow along with them on Instagram for more tips on making the switch, facts about how switching can make a difference on the environment, read testimonials and more! 

Do your part. Save the environment. Save your tush. Use code Candace20 for 20% OFF your order!

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