So, I’m just going to be honest… this might be hard post for you to read. It’s hard for me to write because I’m guilty of it as well… Ugh! And, I hate admitting it! But, just know you’re not alone — whether or not other mommas choose to admit it, I am sure we’ve all missed truly soaking it all in.. living in the moment.. making memories.. or spending quality time with our kiddos because we were too busy looking at our phone…

Now, I’m not pointing fingers, nor am I trying to make you feel worse. I genuinely believe that we as mothers are doing the best we can each day. It’s just that I see technology stealing precious time away from us that we’ll never get back. We’re literally being robbed of true, genuine happiness.

So, be honest… how many of you cringed reading that that? If you did, you likely thought of a time you missed out on something you shouldn’t have because you were glued to your phone. It’s a harsh reality. I get it. I cringe every time I think about it. It literally makes me sick to my stomach at times — talk about mom guilt times a million. And, as my friend and I chatted about this a while back we both admitted we could — should — be doing a better job of being present with our children. And, as the last 90 days of 2019 approach, I find I am myself replaying this conversation in my head. Then, I find I’m asking myself…

“How is it that I truly want to spend the last 90 days of this year?”

So, what’s my answer… Soaking in every moment I can. Playing Mister Potato Head with my kiddos. Smiling. Laughing. Turning off the television at night. Going outside and enjoying the Fall weather. Tickling to hear those sweet belly giggles. Turning up the music and dancing. Cuddling. Baking cookies. Making messes. Creating memories I’ll remember for a lifetime. Forgetting everything else and ignoring the world around me because they are all that really matter in this life. They are what this life is all about.

Then, one day, when I am old and gray. I’ll remember the giggles I created. I’ll remember tickling bellies and toes. Reading stories snuggled up on the couch. Having a dance party in the living room. Staying up past bedtime to sneak in a few more cookies and some milk. These are the things we will remember and cherish. But, I won’t remember what I was scrolling through on social media or the post I though I just had to read.

I know how I’m spending my last 90 days of 2019… do you?