Can you believe it’s already December?! I seriously can’t believe how quickly November flew by! Crazy!

Any-who… I am so excited to share my 25 days of Christmas for kids this year. Everything I have included here is super fun, easy and cheap for you to do. I linked any products I bought at Target + Michaels, but several of them you could make at home and spend virtually no money at all. This mama however decided to take the easy way out this December because my plate is a bit full!

Check out the FREE PRINTABLE below for you to print out and then, cut out each note and stick them in your 25 Days of Christmas calendar. You can also download it here.

I always like to keep things REALLY simple. So, the first thing you’ll need to grab is a 25 Days of Christmas calendar or an Advent Calendar — if you don’t already have one. I linked some of my favorites at Target here.

Click on the collage below to check out all the activities, crafts and baking goodies I snagged to have a little Christmas fun with the girls. Keep in mind, if you like to bake, you can make the gingerbread activities at home, using your favorite gingerbread cookie recipe! Again, Mama Stull needs it to be easy! No shame!

Finally, in an ideal world, I would have had all of this prepared for you a week ago, but so goes motherhood and so goes life — but, no worries, we’ll be starting a day late as well. So, set yourself a pickup order at Michaels and Target for tomorrow, grab a Starbucks to make the drive with the kiddos more bearable and get ready to have some Christmas fun!

25 Days of Christmas Activities for Kids

Dec 1 – Make paper snowflakes. This is an easy one. I always did this as a kid myself, but here’s a link to a tutorial if you need to jog you memory. Martha Stewart does a tutorial here. Or you can watch a video here.

Dec 2 – Read a Christmas story.

Dec 3 – Color a Christmas picture. Crayola had a ton of free cute ones online here. Or I found several cute ones here as well — there’s several pages of them actually!

Dec 4 – Make paper garland. I loved this site because it has a variety of different options from easy to more involved.

Dec 5 – Make a Christmas list for Santa. I love to do this with the girls the night before St. Nick comes. Then, we leave in our stockings along with some cookies and milk. If you don’t celebrate the St. Nick tradition, just mail Santa a letter. You can learn more about this online with USPS. Or you can send Santa an email here.

Dec 6 – Check your stockings for a treat from St. Nick. Again, if you don’t celebrate the holiday, simply slide a treat in your child’s stocking and tell them elves must have delivered it and were checking to make sure they were on their best behavior.

Dec 7 – Make a snowman out of cotton balls. This is a great one here + it’s simple! Don’t worry if you don’t have all the extra stuff. You can just make a snowman, glue it to a piece of paper and draw the arms, hat and face with a marker!

Dec 8 – Make a paper Santa face. This is great Santa face tutorial that you can use cotton balls for as well. This is another great idea using a paper plate, paint, paper and cotton balls, click here!

Dec 9 – Watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas. If you don’t have the DVD, just search your listings and DVR it, try searching it on Netflix, Hulu…etc., or head to your local library to rent it. If all else fails, enjoy another holiday movie together. Here’s a list of kid-friendly holiday movies here.

Dec 10 – Make a fingerprint Christmas tree. This is a really great Christmas tree craft here + they make it less mess without the finger painting. Or check out this website for 20 Christmas tree craft ideas.

Dec 11 – Spend time with family. If you aren’t able to see family or don’t feel comfortable due to COVID-19, then plan a FaceTime date with family.

Dec 12 – Make a gingerbread house. If you love to bake or have made gingerbread houses all your life, feel free to craft your own homemade. Or, you can pick up this gingerbread house kit at Target like I did!

Dec 13 – Sing Christmas carols. Bust out your favorite holiday playlist, tune into a holiday state on Apple Music or Pandora or just start singing with your kiddos! They’ll love it!

Dec 14 – Do your Santa craft kit. I found the cutest little Santa craft kit at Michael’s for our girls to make, and it’s only $1.49. Or, if you want to save some money, check out some of the Santa crafts here… several of these can be made from items you already have at home.

Dec 15 – Decorate + eat some gingerbread cookies. Again, if you love to bake and have a tasty recipe, make your own. Or you can pick up a pre-made kit at Target like I did! These were only $4.99!

Dec 16 – Read the story of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. If you don’t have the book, check your local library or you can listen to it being read online here.

Dec 17 – Make + decorate gingerbread reindeer. Your holiday cooking skills are put to the test again here, or you can keep it simple and snag a kit at Target list this mama here.

Dec 18 – Make a penguin ornament. I found another cute penguin craft kit for the girls at Michael’s. But, if you want to save some cash, here’s an idea I found online.

Dec 19 – Make + decorate your favorite Christmas sugar cookies. One of my favorite family Christmas pastimes is making and decorating our sugar cookies. If you don’t have a favorite sugar cookie recipe, I would love to share ours! Just shoot me a DM on Instagram!

Dec 20 – Watch The Polar Express. This movie and The Grinch find themselves on repeat at our house around the holidays. If you don’t have this one, make a trip to you local library, read the book or listen to the book online here.

Dec 21 – Enjoy some hot cocoa with as many marshmallows as you can handle. This is a super yummy homemade hot cocoa recipe here!

Dec 22 – Make an elf craft. Talk to your kiddos about how elves sneak around to keep an eye on them for Santa, and get them excited about being on their best behavior. I’m not sure which of these elf crafts we will make yet, but there are several elf crafting ideas here.

Dec 23 – Paint your Christmas stocking ceramic. I found this adorable ceramic craft for the girls and myself to paint at Michael’s. I linked it for you here. If you’d prefer to make your own stocking craft at home, this link will give you several ideas for creating your own paper stocking. And if you need a stocking printable, click here.

Dec 24 – Pick out 1 gift under the tree to open. We always celebrate with family on Christmas Eve, so we get to do quite a bit of ripping and tearing. But, I remember my parents letting me choose one gift from under the tree to open, and I always loved it. If you think you kids may have a hard time choosing one gift, then you pick one gift out for them to open instead.

Dec 25 – Merry Christmas! It’s time to celebrate as a family, and see what Santa left for you under the tree.

25 Days of Christmas for Kids Activities Linked
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