I don’t like to admit this, but I can be a very emotional person. I let things get to me. My thoughts wonder all over the place. I play out worst case scenarios. I question my relationships with family and friends, when I really have no reason to. I get mom guilt about everything. I constantly question if I’m doing the right thing by my children. I overanalyze every situation, and I can be a little too much of a planner.

Put all of these things together, and you get a whirlwind of emotions that do nothing but stress you out and never let your mind rest. Sound familiar? Again… you’re not alone.

The last 2 weeks my devotional, 52 Weeks in the Word, focused on Matthew 22, which is essentially a ton of parables discussing what it means to be a true follower of Jesus and believe in God with all your heart. The reoccurring theme that seemed to stick out to me the most was the idea of putting God first in our lives. What it means? How we can do this each day? How it can change our perspective and mood? How can it motivate us?

Sharing a photo from Finley’s Kindergarten Recognition Mass this week.

The last several weeks have been quite crazy, with unexpected expenses popping up, school ending, taking extra time to volunteer, doctor’s appointments and of course, sickness struck again with strep throat. One thing after the next… It feels like you keep getting pushed further and further behind. And, if you’re like me, emotions are everywhere. And, they can get to you. They can make you think or feel a certain way about yourself… cause you to isolate… make you feel worthless and unmotivated.

That’s when it hit me… why am I reading about Matthew 22? How is this relevant to my life right now? Why am I feeling so defeated, unmotivated and becoming an expert at throwing pity parties?

Answer: I’m not putting God first.

Because our schedules have been jam-packed with other responsibilities, I was putting all of those things first and God last. I was letting all of the emotions and stressors from everything we had going on take up more space in my mind, than I was my faith and taking time to ask God to help me manage it all. We often forget that we were never meant to do life alone. We’re not expected to manage all the things on our own. We need to ask for help, and it all starts with our faith.

If this sounds likes you, here’s some perspective on how putting God first can make all the difference:

  1. Kids Starting Summer Break – Take time to pray about it. Start your day before the kids wake up, even if it’s just 15-30 minutes of laying awake in bed doing a devotional or praying for God’s strength and guidance to take on the day ahead. If you’ve already got God in your heart and mind before the day has begun, you’re going to have a lot more help in managing the many emotions that come along with motherhood.
  2. Time Management / Falling Behind / Change in Normal Schedule – Ask God to help you lay it all out and prioritize what needs to be done. Ask him too give you the strength you need to tackle all of it and get rid of the mom guilt
  3. Overall Anxiety / Stress / Mom Guilt – Stop trying to control everything. If it’s out of your control, then give it to God. Oftentimes, we stress or worry about the things we can’t control. Be more mindful about noticing this and understanding that what we can control is our response to a situation.

“Anything you can’t control is teaching you how to let go.”

jackson kiddard
Verses to Remember This Week…
Romans 8:28: “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”
matthew 6:34: “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”
jerimiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

**If you need more inspiration, click here for Open Bible’s list of verses on giving up control.

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