Young Living Essential Oils have slowly became a HUGE part of our life. I’m not going to lie, I was a HUGE skeptic — I seriously may have been one of the biggest skeptics there has ever been. You’re telling me an essential oil can support my overall health, mood, feelings, sleep…all the things? Yeah, right! But, I’m tellin’ ya people! It’s not just a bunch of “hocus pocus!” There’s something to that divine oil in a little glass bottle. And, it has changed our family’s life for the better… 100%!

We began to DITCH and SWITCH toxic products throughout our home to all-natural, toxin free through Young Living’s products + essential oils, and never looked back! Now, we’ve never felt better. And, I only buy one cleaner now — ONE — and my oils! It’s so simplistic it’s stupid! It’s a lifestyle change that we all love, and I can assure you, I will not be going back to what I once was doing. Nope! I am hooked on this lifestyle, and I love sharing it with others as well.

Here’s a little more about Our Oily Story…

When I first started my journey with oils, I was looking for sleep support for my daughter who was having a terrible bout with the 18 month sleep regression. My poor little’s mind was going a mile a minute each day.. Her little brain absorbing anything + everything it could, it’s like it just wouldn’t shut off. So, as a last resort, I finally broke down — bit the bullet as some would say — and ordered a starter kit.

After incorporating the kit + a few extra oils into our little one’s nightly routine — diffusing before bed / through the night + making a sleeping spray + rubbing some Copaiba on her gums to help with teething — my mind was blown! We remained consistent with the routine, and after the first couple of days, she was only waking up a couple times at night — she was previously waking up closer to 5 times each night and to make matters even more challenging, we had just brought home a brand new baby who was up every 2 to 3 hours as well… Mommy {and Daddy} were tired! Then, after 2 weeks with our new little oily routine, she was finally back to sleeping all night, and was a much more well-rested, enjoyable kiddo during the day. Thank goodness! We were finally getting our little one back! But, was it really the oils doing this?

Meanwhile, while dealing with a horrible sleep regression… It’s the dead of winter — cold and flu season in full swing — and sickness officially hits the Stull Household. Yes, this was all happening at literally the same time. And, it wasn’t just any sickness.. Come to find out Finley had RSV, — a regular cold to her — but not her 3 week old little sister. Sure enough, we took Houston in to get tested for RSV after noticing that horrible “barking” cough, and our worst fears were confirmed.. Houston got RSV. How did this happen? We were keeping the two separated as much as possible, with myself and little 3-week-old Houston mostly quarantined back in our bedroom. We were washing hands, using disinfectant wipes, literally stripping down before we even touched Houston, and she still gets sick. The whole situation was quite heartbreaking really, totally not the homecoming we had planned for our new family of four. And, needless to say, I was a hormonal, emotional mess through it all. But, we had to power through it.

So, throughout our entire homecoming + sickness, leading up to the Christmas holiday, we diffused Thieves + Purification all day, every day. I was still skeptical it was actually the oils that helped Finley. So, I put them to the test again, all the while thinking they would prove me right because deep down I still wasn’t 100% sold on them. I mean was it really the oils that worked? Back to my story… After we left the doctor’s office, we were told that we needed to be VERY aware of Houston’s breathing because it would likely get worse before it got better. So scary! Along with diffusing, we were giving her saline breathing treatments after every feeding. After a week, we were to bring Houston back into the doctor to check her lungs. The pediatrician couldn’t believe. She could barely even hear a rumble in her chest — at times it wasn’t even present at all. She was in shock. She told us that she had patients that were 1 year or older that had been hospitalized with the same sickness, and it was as if Houston had almost “laughed it off.”

After we left the pediatrician’s office that day, I cried the biggest tears of relief. How could this be? How was it that little 3-week-old Houston didn’t get worse? Of course, we prayed to God multiple times a day as well. And, I truly believe our prayers + oils were what made the difference. RSV was horrible that year, and Houston had just “laughed it off” as a newborn. After that, I was sold. I knew there was something to these oils. So, I jumped in with both feet, and never looked back.

Today, we use our oils for all different kinds of support, immunity, sleep, hair, skin, moods / emotions… all the things. And, every single time I use them to support me in a new way, I am amazed at just how much they can do for me + my family — cleaners, sunscreen, face wash, deodorant, toothpaste, soaps… you name it, and I now purchase it from Young Living. Clean + all-natural + toxin-free products that support us each and every day. What a blessing it is to have a company you can trust to provide you with quality products that are safe for you and your loved ones. And, they continue to research and invest in their company to ensure you receive nothing less than the best!

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