What does that even mean? When people say it, do they even realize what they’re saying? Perfect.. Schm-erfect — there is NO SUCH THING as a perfect mom, nor will there ever be, so stop trying!

Now, don’t get me wrong there are many days when I find myself endlessly striving to be perfect — clean kitchen, clean house, clean clothes, kids with clothes on… I mean let’s be real, some days even the simplest tasks are barely attainable with kids.

But it’s on those days that I look at my girls, and they’re the happiest. How in the heck is that possible? It’s crazy town in here

Then it hits me… they don’t need all that extra “stuff” to be happy… they don’t need clean or tidy or clothes on for that matter… They just need me!
So mamas, take a deep breath…

They don’t care that laundry is piled up…

They don’t care that you haven’t dusted in weeks.

And you know what, they prefer running around naked.

They just need you. They need their mama.