What will it be like? How will the world as we know it change? Will I see my family and friends? Will everything disappear? Seriously, so many questions come to mind when I think of the end and God’s return. I feel like this has always been a topic that I struggle with. I guess it was always just so scary to me to think that the world as I know it was coming to an end. But, since we’ve started this new series with Gateway Church, my perspective has completely changed.

Pastor Jimmy Evans literally walks you through each step of God’s return and what it will look like, and let me tell you, it’s probably not what you think — or at least it wasn’t for me. He literally takes you through scripture that talks about God’s return and how the world will become this peaceful, place full of love. It was seriously so heart-warming to listen to him speak. After listening to him, I’m no longer scared of what’s to come. I’m excited actually. And, if you would have asked me that 6 months ago, my answer wouldn’t have been the same.

If you in any way, shape or form have had doubts or fears about what’s to come, I highly encourage you to watch this series with Pastor Evans — The Best Day Of Your Life. He literally answered any and all questions I had about God’s return, and truly renewed my faith. Take some time to watch this over the next couple weeks. You won’t be disappointed!

As for me, I will hold my loved ones a little tighter tonight and reassure them the best is yet to come… yes, the best is yet to come.